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ArcticBlaze is a gaming clan who likes to lure many players from different games to a large community.


Our community would like to have many players from different countries and cultures. We also got a Steam group where you can find us.


ArcticBlaze got a very modern teamspeak  with a lot of features like a level system. You can find more informations on the website.

ARCTICBLAZE – Your Gaming Clan

We play different games from different genres. The fun is our first priority!

About us

With a lot of features we make it possible for the ArcticBlaze community to have a place where you can get to know new players and games.


Our staff team is always ready to answer your questions and help you.

New Members

New members are welcome at any time. We are happy about every person.


We regularly offer our community giveaways. We want to give you something back.


We plan to build a game server in many games in the future. But now we offer a Teamspeak & Discord.

Our Teamspeak stats

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Find out more about us!

Latest posts

Teamspeak Reward List

What is the Teamspeak Level System? Klick here to know more. All Level Rewards: 📗 [lvl 20] “nothing” Icon📙 [lvl 20] “Trusted” Tag📙 [lvl 35] “Ice Slider” Tag📗 [lvl 40] […]

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Teamspeak Reward System

How does it work? Depending on the level you are, you unlock new featues on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak. These features include icons, tags or more permissions. If you have unlocked[…]

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Teamspeak Changelog 2.0

Teamspeak 2.0 Update​​ General: We updated the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak on Version 3.9.1 We added a polnish and russain translation for our Teamspeak rules. We changed the channeldesign. We changed a[…]

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