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Gaming is our passion!

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ArcticBlaze is a gaming clan that likes to lure many players from different games to a large community.


Our community would like to have many players from different countries and cultures. We also got a steam group where you can find us.


ArcticBlaze got a very modern Teamspeak  with a lot of features like a level system. You can find more informations on the website.

ArcticBlaze – Your Gaming Clan

We play different games from different genres. Fun is our first priority!


About ArcticBlaze

With a lot of features we make it possible for the ArcticBlaze community to have a place where you can get to know new players and games.

Game Articles

On our website you will find many articles based on different games and topics. You will also find information about our projects and servers.

New Members

New members are welcome at any time. We are happy about every person.


We regularly offer our community giveaways on our servers and social media sites.


ArcticBlaze plan to build a game server in many games in the future. But now we offer a Teamspeak.

Get a better gaming experience!

ArcticBlaze is creating a lot of articles which give the information in games or show you how you can get better.which give the information in games or show you how you can get better.

Don’t Starve Together Skin Drops

Don’t Starve Together offers a lot of different skins. Skins are only responsible for customizing your character and your items. […]

Best CSGO Training Config

We have created the best CSGO training config which you can easily work out new tactics with your friends or by your own. […]

Free Game List

Here you can find our free game list. Here are listed a lot of different games from different launchers that acctualy cost money. […]



The ArcticBlaze gaming community offers a Teamspeak with a lot of features. You can talk with you friends or meet new people. 


We offer a lot of different features on our Temaspeak. One of our popular Features is the ranking system and the reward system. We also have a stats website where you can find your currently ranking.  

Music Channels & Music Bots

Our Teamspeak offers a lot of different music bots and music channels. If you don’t want to talk with you friends, feel free to listen to some music. 

Free Private Channels

On our Teamspeak you can create your own channel with the auto-channel-creator. Or if you want a permanent channel then feel free to ask a staff member. 

Set Groups by Yourself

You can set yourself some game groups by joining in the right channel or by adding them on our stats website.

Find out more about ArcticBlaze!


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