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Teamspeak Reward List

What is the Teamspeak Level System? Klick here to know more. Join our Teamspeak: All Level Rewards: 📗 [lvl 20] “nothing” Icon 📙 [lvl 20] “Trusted” Tag 📙 [lvl 35] “Ice Slider” Tag 📗 [lvl 40]  “Its My Home” Icon 📗 [lvl 50] “Halfway Through” Icon 📕 [lvl 50] “Own Description” Permission 📙 [lvl…

Teamspeak Reward System

How does it work? Depending on the level you are, you unlock new featues on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak. These features include icons, tags or more permissions. If you have unlocked the required level through our Ranksystem, you can join in the respective channel. You will be automatically added a tag or icon. Can I have…

Teamspeak Changelog 2.0

Teamspeak 2.0 Update​​ General: We updated the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak on Version 3.9.1 We changed the channeldesign. We changed a few channelnames. Added information channel: 🎁 Reward System 🎁 ✨ Level System ✨ 📖 Rules 📖 Update Date: 14.08.2019 Reward system:  Depending on the level you have, you will unlock more and more opportunities for the…

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Our Partners

Teamspeak Sponsorship Teamspeak is our number 1 communication service. If you want to get to know us, then come to our Teamspeak: XeonServ XeonServ is our server hoster since the beginning of ArcticBlaze. XeonServ is hosting our teamspeak and our website. RandyFM RandyFM is our partner over 6 month. They are sponsoring us a…

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Teamspeak History

Teamspeak History Join our Teamspeak: Player history last 24 hours: Player history last 7 days: Player history last 30 days:

Teamspeak Rules [English]

Teamspeak Rules: German Version Join our Teamspeak: General AFK level farming is forbidden and will be punished with a leven ban. Name The use of swear words in your name is forbidden. Faking of team members, clan members, friends or known persons is forbidden. No server groups prefixes in the name. (e.g. [Admin] (Support)…


We have a Teamspeak Reward List that you can access anytime. When new rewards are added, they will be added to the list. What is the Ranksystem? The Rank system is a level system on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak, which automatically adds and removes a server group. These server groups are level. Currently the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak…