Don’t Starve Together Skin Drops

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Don’t Starve Together Skin Drops


Don’t Starve Together Skin Drops

What types of skin drop are there?

Don’t Starve Together offers a lot of different skins. Skins do not give you a game advantage, there are only responsible for customizing your character and your items. Furthermore, we have categorized the possible skin drops into 4 categories.

  • Daily skin drops
  • Drops you get while playing
  • Event skin drops
  • Twitch skin drops

Here you can find a list of all Don’t Starve Together skins

Daily skin drops in Don't Starve Together

As the name suggests, you can pick up a daily skin drop every day. You can redeem the drop each day when you start the game for the first time. These drops are the worst drops because they very often offer bad rarity. Nevertheless, it is sometimes very useful to pick up these drops, as there may be a low probability that a good item can be included.

Daily Skin Drop

Drops you get while playing Don’t Starve Together

You only get these skin drops while playing ingame. After a certain amount of time, you will see a gift icon in the upper left corner that can be redeem on a science machine. These gifts give you skin drops from different rarities. There is also a limit to these skin drops. You can only get these skin drops 4 times a week. The exact playtime you need per gift are clearly determinate.

  • The first skin dropsafter approximately 15 minutes of being on a server

  • The second skin drops approximately 2 hours of being on a server after the first skin got dropped

  • The third skin drops approximately 4 hours of being on a server after the second skin got dropped

  • The fourth skin drops approximately 10 hours of being on a server after the third skin got dropped

This list resets from Tuesday to Wednesday. So it is also possible to get 8 skins from Monday to Friday. If you want the maximum amount of skins per week, you should play 17 hours per week

Event skin drops in Don’t Starve Together

Event skin drops can only be obtained temporarily at certain times. This is often only 1 day. Even skins have the rarity loyal. In addition, these skins are not tradable. They should rather show how actively you play the Don’t Starve Together. Event skins are often droped at certain times, such as Christmas or Easter. But also when a new big update comes out.

Twitch skin drops in Don’t Starve Together

You get Twitch skin drops while linking your Steam account with your Klei forum account. Furthermore, you should link your Klei forum account with your Twitch account. You can get Twitch skin drops by watching Don’t Starve Together streams on Twitch. Often there are 3 skins per topic that are changed after a certain amount of time.

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