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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Changelog 2.1

Teamspeak Changelog 2.1

Teamspeak 2.1 Update General: We have added a few new things since our last update. Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 Join our Teamspeak: Update Date: 16.03.2020 Teamspeak Server: Changed the website icon to the ArcticBlaze logo Updated the server version from 3.9.1 to 3.11.0 Fixed some translation mistakes Added the ♬ MashupFM ♬ music channel powered…
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ArcticBlaze Teamspeak Changelog 2.0

Teamspeak Changelog 2.0

Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 General: Updated the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak on Version 3.9.1 Changed the channeldesign. Changed a few channelnames Added information channel: 🎁 Reward System 🎁 ✨ Level System ✨ 📖 Rules 📖 Update Date: 14.08.2019 Reward system:  One big new addition from the Teamspeak Changelog 2.0 is the Rewardsystem Depending on the level you have,…
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