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Promoter Information

ArcticBlaze Promoter Information

Promoter Information

What is a promoter? 

Here you can find our promoter information. A promoter is a person who specifically advertises us (our services and website). This can be in the form of a YouTube video, a Twitter post, an Instagram post or much more. In return, our promoters get the promoters back. We give you many benefits that may help to push your social media channels or get more reach in general.

What are the benefits of a promoter? 

listen on our website
social media promotion (Twitter/ YouTube/ Instagram)
a website post from you
Teamspeak promoter rank & own channel
Discord promoter rank & promoter channel
Steam group promotion

What are the requirements?

Since this is a new program from ArcticBlaze, we currently have no precise requirements. Your subscriber/follower number doesn’t matter. You can apply at any time. However, you should actively produce content.

What do we expect from you?

An announcement on your social media that you are a partner of us and that you are our promoter. Interact with our social media in form of sharing or commenting. Mention us in your YouTube description. We would then discuss the details with you.

Are you interested? 

Feel free to write a application!