Teamspeak Bot Commands

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Teamspeak Bot Commands

What are commands?

You can send our Teamspeak bot different commands. With this commands you will get a lot of help. You can find a lot of informations about our Teamspeak and about ArcticBlaze.

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All commands you can use:

  • !rules – Shows the Teamspeak rules
  • !vote – Shows the votelinks
  • !website – Shows a link to our website
  • !socialmedia – Shows all social media links
  • !features – Shows all features we have
    • !features-ranksystem – Shows the Ranksystem
    • !features-rewardsystem – Shows the Rewardsystem
    • !features-acc – Shows the Auto-Channel-Creator
  • !cooperations – Shows all ArcticBlaze cooperations


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