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Teamspeak Reward System


How does it work?

Depending on the level you are, you unlock new featues on the ArcticBlaze Teamspeak. These features include icons, tags or more permissions. If you have unlocked the required level through our Ranksystem, you can join in the respective channel. You will be automatically added a tag or icon.

Can I have unlimited Icons or Tags?

No, you can only have one tag and one icon at a time. We are not fans of Icon spamming and we want to have a clear overview. If you want to have another Icon or Tag, just join the reward channel with the Icon or Tag you want. Our system automatically remove your previous Icon or Tag and you get your new one.

I don't want a Icon or Tag anymore, how will I get rid of it?

Just join the “nothing” channel. Our system will automatically remove all Icons and Tags. If you changed your opinion afterwards, just join in a reward channel und you get a Icon or Tag again. 

I have a new identity on Teamspeak, can I get my level back?

Usually, if it’s a small level, then we’ll give it back without any further problems. If you had a very high level, it would be good if you could prove to us that you were that person with that level as well.
We recommend using MyTeamspeak to save your TS identity.

Where I can see all rewards?

You can find the Reward list here.


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